Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fast Food Corner

Back in the mid-to-late 80's, a "fast-food" German-style restaurant opened in my neighborhood. The concept of German "fast-food" probably wasn't such a good idea ... at least not if you served just German "fast-food." But, as weird as that concept was, the name chosen by this restaurant probably was even a less appetizing idea (no pun intended).

"The Wurst Place" was the name given to this place ... and the slogan was "The Best of the World's Wurst." Surprisingly, it lasted nearly an entire year before it closed its doors. I never got the nerve up to actually step foot in there and order something ... I kick myself for not doing so, considering my full German Heritage. I think my parents went there once, but only once ... which means, they really didn't care much for the food, either.

Maybe someday, there will be a "Renaissance" of sorts for German-style cooking ... heck, we've seen Irish bars explode in the United States in recent years. Maybe German bars will be next ... and at that point, maybe we'll welcome German "pub food" a little more openly ... after all, Irish food really isn't that great, is it?


sirgeb said...

Agree that a German pub/ratskeller could do well.

Food: Oktoberfest style foods are great bar foods (brats, soft pretzels, etc.) They're easy to make and eat; otherwise they wouldn't be served at the world's biggest yearly party.

Beer: German beers on tap are pretty hard to find. So people looking for something different may wander into a German bar.

Events: Oktoberfest is generally underrated in America so if someone were to market this correctly, they have an event that doesn't collide with any other celebrations in the late Sept/ early Oct timeframe.

Heff said...

Maybe nobody checked the demographics. Seems like a pretty good idea for a restaurant to me !

-B- said...

I would have definately tried that place out with a name like that.

There's a chinese restaurant near my house called "Full Ho". Now that sounds like one to avoid!!!

Jeff said...

So the basic concept here is Hooters, but with that famously pleasant German service ... why not just go to Hooters?

Lisa said...

I would totally go to a german fast food place that sold sausage!

By the way, I love your "fast food corner" ... good stuff.


schue said...

i think it's a great idea, we should buy the toll house and serve our beer there.