Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fast Food Corner

Remember back in the day when Wendy's had a taco bar? How cool was that? I miss it ... I miss it a lot. I mean, why did they give up on this? I have a guess/theory. You see, most Wendy's restaurants are kind of small. They have small tables, and small food trays ... both of these bother me to no end (but, I like the food, so I always return ... and then end up complaining). Anyway - did they get rid of the taco bar because they wanted to add more small tables? Kind of makes you think, I guess.

Speaking of which, I also miss Roy Rogers' free fixin's bar ... how has nobody else run with this idea? Heck, wouldn't it be easier to hand somebody a burger and say, "You can stop bothering me and just add whatever toppings you want over there?" Why hasn't McDonalds or Burger King jumped on this? Are they too lazy? Does Roy Rogers have a copyright on this? I gotta know! I wanna build my own burger, darn it!

Any other past gimmicks that you guys miss?


Sandi said...

I LOVED Roy Rogers fixin's bar.

Jeff said...

Not precisely fast food ... 35-cent burger Thursdays and $2 pizza Fridays at the Surf Club.

Drama Mama said...

My very first Job was at Wendy's! lol! I dont remember the taco bar...only the salad bar that also had a potato bar! They have done away with that too!

El Padrino said...

roy rogers was solid