Friday, April 24, 2009

Sports Addict

I'm a sports addict ... yep, I've finally accepted it. I can't get enough of sports. When I'm not watching sports, I'm either listening ot it on a sports-talk radio station, thinking about sports, arguing with my friends about sports, or watching ESPN SportsCenter for the 5th or 6th time in a row. That's probably a good definition of addiction.

Here's the thing - when my home teams lose, and that happens more than a few times, I have a tough time watching SportsCenter or listening to sportstalk ... this is especially true after one of my teams loses a big game. Case in point - It took me about a week to begin listening to Sportstalk and watching SportsCenter after the Eagles lost to the Cardinals in the NFC Championship game. I was devastated. I was sick. And, I didn't want to think about it or be reminded about it. My guess is that many of you sports "freaks" are a lot like me (please, tell me it's true!).

What I'm wondering is - does this happen in other areas? Do people get this way when their favorite singer gets voted off of American Idol, or when a chef they like makes an awful meal on TV? What about you political wackos (on both sides)? Do you stop watching the news for a while when your candidate loses? Just wondering.


Heff said...

Nope. You're a FREAK, lol !

snowelf said...

Hi los,

I actually get that way when they go on and on and on about the octuplet mom...Let it go already.

I'm having a hard time watching Heroes right now because I hate one of the characters in it. Does that count?

The sports stuff--as long as the game seems fairly played, I'm sad, but I'm okay seeing stuff about it. It doesn't mean I have to like it though.


Ewing Sucks Donkey Dong said...

My name is El Padirno, and I'm addicted to sports.