Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Interesting Tidbit

Here's an interesting question for ya - what's the largest American (United States) brewery? You're probably thinking Anheuser-Busch, right? Nope - it's no longer American - bought out by some European company a little while ago. What about Miller or Coors? Well, they are same company now ... but, they've also been bought by a non-American company. So, who is it?

Currently, Boston Beer Company is first - it's the company that makes Samuel Adams. But, that's about to change. According to this article, the Yuengling brewery may overtake Samuel Adams by the end of this year. If you're not from the east coast, chances are you've probably never heard of Yuengling. It's the oldest U.S. brewery and has been operating since the early 1840's ... for most of this beer's existence, it has been just a regional brewery - basically just serving most of Pennsylvania.

I remember my friend's dad drinking this stuff out of the can in the early 1980's - it was a weird name for a beer. He swore up and down how great this beer was ... apparently, he's a visionary. This beer has grown every year for the past 20 years. When I was in college, I really started noticing this beer (early 1990's for those keeping score). This is the unofficial beer of Penn State - specifically, Yuengling Lager is the beer of choice - In these parts, if you ask for a Lager, you'll get a Yuengling Lager. Yuengling makes many other types of beer - a premium pilsner, a light pilsner, light lager, Lord Chesterfield's Ale, and a really good Porter.

They've grown quite a bit in the past 20 years ... now having a bunch of breweries up and down the east coast ... and by all indications, they could be spreading west ... exciting times for a "local" Philadelphia (well, Pottsville, but close enough) brewery! You can find out more here.


Sandi said...

When I was there Rolling Rock was the unofficial (or maybe official) beer of Penn State.

Ewing Sucks Donkey Dong said...

Yuengling has it's moments

Jeff said...

True story: 3 years ago, I ground-shipped 2 cases of Yuengling from Wilmington, DE to my brother (then at UCLA b-school) for $275. (His nearest distributor was in Phoenix.)

This was part of his "PA Food" stand at the b-school's international festival. He got reimbursed by the festival sponsor, then sold the bottles for $5 and made a nice profit.

The festival's sponsor: Labatt's.

Also humorous: the look on the face of the Mail Boxes Etc. clerk when I asked about shipping beer bottles cross-country.

Lydia Dustin said...

Yeah Boston love's it's Sam Adams!
Now we are famous for Beer and Beans? Talk about gas...