Monday, April 27, 2009

Fast Food Corner

Burger King is a distant second (or third, if you consider Wendy's) to McDonalds for most things fast-food. However, the King is surprisingly close to the Clown when it comes to breakfast (in my opinion). Their Croissanwich's compete very well against McMuffins, and I prefer their hashbrowns to McDonald's hashbrown thingy. Plus, a couple of their calorie bomb sandwiches are pretty cool (you have to admire a fast-food company that doesn't care about nutrition) - like the "Enormous Omelet Sandwich.

But, I found something on the breakfast menu that is truly light years better than a comparable product at Mickey D's. Burger King has something called the "Breakfast Wrap." Now, I'm not sure if you can get this at every BK, because I'm having a difficult time finding it on their website. Anyway, it basically consists of scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese and a couple of hashbrowns in a wrap. McDonalds has something called the Breakfast Burrito - I guess in theory, it isn't that bad, but I don't like the peppers in the wrap - sometimes simple is better ... and to me, that is especially true when it comes to breakfast.

Plus, this BK Breakfast Wrap is extremely easy to eat whilst driving - a very important item to consider when ordering fast food. Bravo, Burger King, for getting it right with regards to breakfast! As an aside, I didn't try the BK Breakfast shots yet - these are kind of like breakfast "sliders" with your choice of bacon, sausage, or ham to go with the eggs ... obvously, ham is the worst choice.


schue said...

I was really bummed i didn't see the breakfast shot sign until after we ordered. We were also there for the "Changing of the Menu" from breakfast to lunch.

Jeff said...

Fast food "breakfast shots" and "sliders" sound like cause and effect, respectively.