Saturday, June 06, 2009

DBT 2K9 ... Freakin' Awesome!

The Delco Bar Tour, better known as the Dive Bar Tour, celebrated it's 5th anniversary last weekend. The tour, conjured up by my brother and his brother-in-law, started modestly in 2005, and completely relied on public transportation - i.e. Septa buses going up and down Mac Dade Blvd. (so, in a sense, we have been practicing not only safe drinking, but also environmentally friendly activities). We originally had about 8 or so people who went to the first crawl. Honestly, at the time, we didn't think it would last.

Fast forward 5 years - we're up to about 15, and I think we're capping it there. I think if we had gone any higher, we would've lost some of the "intamacy" of the event. We started the day off at 11:30 AM at Pogue Mahones - some ordered food to "layer" their stomachs (I was one of those "smart" ones). This bar is actually the original "Maximilians," the bar where Vince Papale (from Invincible fame) bartended ... and no, it's not located in South Philly, but in Prospect Park.

From there, we took the bus to Bud's, which provided pool tables, dart boards, and local "patrons" who were curious about seemingly educated people entering their domain. They ended up liking us (I think). Other stops included the Toll House (a local favorite), Terry's Two (new to the tour), the Red Lantern (Great barbecue food), Uncle Snazzi's (probably the truest of dive bars - but a place we usually love), Marty McGee's (non-descript), Dino's (not actually on the shirt, but we decided to go there anyway), and finally, Della Pollas (conveniently located within stumbling distance to my house).

Too many great highlights to mention - hopefully my videos will post here. Can't wait for 2010!

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snowelf said...

What a night!!!

These videos were much more fun to watch than Detroit vs. the Pens game I'm watching right now!!