Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Surprisingly fun!

Our trip to the Catskills was actually not nearly as bad as I thought it would be ... in reading the website, I wasn't that hopeful - seemed like we'd be bored pretty quickly, but surprisingly, that wasn't the case.

We arrived shortly after noon on Friday in Riedlbauers, and even though the skies were overcast, the rain for the most part stayed away. After unpacking the van, we took a short walk around the compound ... er, I mean resort, and walked up to the Summer fest location. Then, we hopped in the van and went downtown to lunch at a German coffee shop/diner. Folks, the Germans love their cake, and I suggest you always save room for dessert whilst dining in a German restaurant.

We spent some time swimming in the indoor pool ... heck, I even swam a little in the outdoor pool ... well, until the frostbite set in. I even played some tennis, and shuffleboard ... neither very well, though. I actually did quite a bit of hiking in the woods ... and I actually liked it, surprisingly.

The food at the resort was shockingly good - one night we had goulash, for lunch we had really good hot roast beef, and the breakfast was more than adequate.

Probably the only negative on the entire trip was the redundant German polka/volksmusik that was played the entire weekend at the resort ... it was kind of enjoyable on Friday, started getting on my nerves on Saturday, and almost prompted me to hurl myself off of the porch on Sunday.

But, the most important thing was that my parents enjoyed it ... after all, we booked and took the trip for them ... it brought back memories of my childhood - going on vacation with the parents every summer ... hopefully, it did the same for them!


schue said...

oh boo, you didn't get a picture of the dude with the Clarke Griswald white shoes he got from cousin Eddie.

scargosun said...

lol at the polka music. ;)

El Padrino said...

the music would drive me nuts

snowelf said...

I'm glad you had a good time and Schue kept you from hurling yourself off the porch. ;)