Monday, June 22, 2009

In a word ... hysterical!

You've probably seen the previews for the movie, "The Hangover." And, if you're like me (and hopefully, you're not), the flick probably piqued your interest. I've been looking forward to this movie for a couple of months, and on Sunday, I finally found time to watch it. Folks, the movie is hysterical.

Just a little background - 4 friends go to Vegas for a bachelor party, and pure hyjinks ensues ... sure, there have been quite a few movies that have used this as a premise over the years. The Hangover adds just enough mystery to a screwball comedy, as well as great acting (and even Heather Graham's boob) to make it really an over-the-top hysterical comedy. The one-liners flow like a fine beer, and I predict it will be the quotable movie of the summer.

This was also my introduction to the brilliance of Zach Galifianakis. The man stole the movie ... most of the one-liners are attributed to him (not to mention some really disgusting butt shots). Rarely do movies live up to the potential of their trailers ... folks, this is one of them. Go out and watch it, darn it!


snowelf said...

I have heard nothing but good stuff about this movie--I can't wait to see it!!


El Padrino said...

told you

-B- said...

"He's funny bacause he's fat." lol
I agree that Zach Galifianakis really made the movie - the other characters were good, but he stole the show!
Absolutely loved the movie - see it with friends everyone.
Probably going to see it again!

Reverse said...

No Hangover for me until DVD. I'll clown it then... or will I.

Heff said...

Have a feeling I'll really dig it.

The Preacherman said...

never get hangovers but now I want one!