Friday, June 12, 2009

This and That ...

I've got a whole bunch of mini-thoughts creeping and crawling in my mind ... figured I'd share them with you:

* I accidentally put the top part of two buns on a hamburger on Saturday ... it actually tasted really good ... which got me to thinking ... why hasn't any company tried to market this yet?

* Can we please stop using the term "Tiger is lurking" when talking about Tiger Woods?

* I saw Star Trek the movie the other week ... it was pretty good, but I didn't really come out of the theater thinking I just saw an awesome movie ... maybe it's because I'm not a Trekkie, or maybe it was the high expectations I went in with.

* Have you guys tried sweet tea vodka? That stuff is so good, it's dangerous.

* Kate Hudson's going out with A-Rod ... I always thought she was kind of smart ... so much for that mystique ... or mistake.

There, I feel better....


Jeff said...

How do the tops of burger buns taste any different from the bottoms?

Angel said...

Were they sesame seed buns?
Sweet Tea Vodka. That stuff killed me one night! I have a bartender friend who gave it to me to try. I think I must have had at least four glasses.