Thursday, June 11, 2009

I've Found Another One ...

As many of you know, I hate reality shows, as if they were all a big old hunk of ham (as many of you know, I hate ham as if ham was a conglomeration of reality tv shows) ... I do watch Top Chef, and actually enjoy it ... even if I'd never eat any of the food they cook ... but I digress.

I found another reality show that I can actually stomach ... it's a show about some athletes who, for one reason or other, didn't make it to the NFL - they have the opportunity to compete against each other for a roster spot on the Dallas Cowboys ... plus, Michael Irvin is the main host of the show ... I know, I know ... it sounds awful ... and it probably is .... but it is so awful, it's good ... if that makes any sense whatsoever.

The first episode introduced all of the contenders - basically cornerbacks and wide receivers. After gaining insight on each of their backgrounds, they jumped right into drills. Irving and his coaches ran these guys into the ground ... so much so that each of these wannabes decided to deposit their gatorade all over the field ... one funny moment was one of the players puking while Irvin yelled at him to get up and keep running (by the way, Irvin was dressed all in black with a leather jacket ... kind of looked like a cross between Johnny Cash and Wesley Snipes).

Then, during another episode, Irving called out one of the players, and asked him if he was smoking marijuana ... my initial guess was that Irvin was trying to find another "hook-up," but Irivn basically asked him this, because the athlete, in his mind, was acting lazy. This, coming from a guy who has been involved with cocaine about as much as Doc Gooden and Keith Richards.

Another fantastic part of this show is the special Dallas Cowboys alumni who show up - most of the time, they are legitimate stars, like when Jay Novacek and Drew Pearson showed up to encourage (beat down) the players. There is one guest who shows up on a continual basis ... and it kind of ties into the whole "marijuana" reference ... that's right ladies and gentlemen, Nate Newton plays the "security guard" of the show ... the same Nate Newton who was pulled over with an entire trunk full of wacky tabacky.

If only Dexter Manley played for the Cowboys ... sigh.


Jeff said...

What about Pacman Jones?

Never seen the show, but I kinda like the retired Michael Irvin. Sure, he's brash and arrogant, and he makes Bachelor Party look like a bunch of stiffs. But he also gave everything he had, doesn't put up with any crap (supposedly he was the Cowboys' locker room enforcer), and can relate football happenings to the layman.

Alaina said...

You should do a post just on "It's so awful it's good."

Trudy said...

That's funny, I think I could totally get into that show...if it just weren't for the puking.

snowelf said...

Los... a reality show..?? Say it isn't've totally turned to the darkside. :P


-B- said...

..yeah, I've heard that Top Chef was considered the gateway drug of reality shows... You're just warming up, Los. And when you need a serious fix, there's the Fox Reality TV Network!!! (OMG, a whole network? we are lost as a civilization.)
That NFL show sounds pretty good, I'll have to watch out for that.

Oh, don't forget that MC Hammer is going to have his own show too!


Heff said...

I'm sorry. I just don't dig Reality TV of ANY sort. What happened to classic sitcoms ???