Monday, June 08, 2009

Fast Food Corner

I've been noticing a new marketing strategy by Popeye's Chicken over the past few months ... more of a Louisiana-style approach ... I hadn't been to a Popeye's since they actually used Popeye's face as a logo (translation - it's been a while). A couple of days ago, my wife and I decided to give Popeye's a whirl - heck, anything for a blog post, right?

The verdict is in - we were VERY impressed with Popeye's! The ambiance was actually pretty upscale ... at least for a fast-food restaurant ... unlike KFC, which sadly looks like a grade-school cafeteria.

But more importantly, the chicken itself is very good - I chose the spicy chicken nuggets with some sort of zesty sauce (can't remember the name for some reason). I also ordered a side of Cajun fries. Although the "spicy" chicken wasn't really that spicy (probably less spicy than the Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich), it had a good taste. The nuggets were a little smallish (translation - should've gone with the chicken fingers), but again, had a good taste.

The sides that we tried were excellent - the Cajun fries might have me rethinking my top 5 french fries. Schue's mashed potatoes were very comparable to KFC's. I'll have to go back and actually buy a bucket of chicken sometime soon - maybe I'll buy a bucket from KFC and Popeyes and have a true comparison. Stay tuned!


El Padrino said...

popeyes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> kfc


the biscuits are gold

Lisa said...

I will go out of my way for Popeye's red beans and rice. They are probably the best I've ever had. Be sure to have plenty of beano on hand. ....babs

sirgeb said...

Where's the nearest Popeyes?

Colour me interested.

schue said...

yeah, it was delicious. A lady in front of us got like 30 pieces of fried chicken and a ton of sides, I wanted to go to her party. I think she even called ahead.

Jeff said...

Glad it's better than their slogan, "Louisiana fast," which is a complete contradiction.

The real question: was it good enough that you'd go to Popeye's in their most usual locations (i.e., crime-ridden areas)?

kim said...

I go to Popeyes once a year on my Birthday. It's a present to myself. The order is exactly the same: 3 piece spicy with an extra biscuit and a large sweet tea. It is my absolute favorite fast food.

Heff said...

I have NEVER had Popeye's chicken. I've been curious about it ever since it was over-hyped in Adam Sandler's "Little Nikki", though.