Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fast Food Corner

This will eventually be a two-parter ... not sure when the second part of this will be done, however. I just found out that McDonalds is getting ready to introduce a new burger ... however, unlike the Big Mac and the Quarter-Pounder with cheese, this burger will be and Angus burger (no, not a burger made out of that guitarist from AC/DC, silly!).

McDonalds is trying to bring in more of a high-end burger consumer with this "edition." Here's just a little "taste" of what the burger is all about from an MSN article online: The new burgers feature a braided sesame seed bun, a thicker tomato slice and red onion, Dan Coudreaut, executive chef for McDonald's, told Bloomberg News. Hickory-smoked bacon is also available on the burgers.

This is not McDonald's first attempt at the "snobby burger eaters" or SBE's. In the early 1990's, McDonalds introduced the ill-fated McDLT - which had the "cold stuff" on one side of the box, and the "warm stuff" on the other side. Then, not too long ago, McDonalds tried introducing the Arch Deluxe, which, according to Wikipedia, was launched "with the intent of capturing the adult fast food consumer market, presented as a more sophisticated burger for an adult palate."

So, now McDonalds is introducing an Angus burger (by the way, BK tried this too) ... but with a price-tag of $4 per burger. That's a steep price for the fast-food market (take my word on it). Also, a work buddy of mine brought up a great point - he would rather eat a burger like this at a bar/restaurant with a pint of beer, and not in a McDonalds filled with lots of young, loud kids, and a disturbing-looking clown.

I'll be trying this when it comes out - and I'll report back my findings (it's the least I could do for my blogging public).


Superstar said...

~rolls eyes~ I just want my double cheeseburger, no pickles, Diet coke and small vanilla cone.

I really hate it when fast food "mainstay's" try and re-invent the wheel!

Ray Kroch has to be rolling over in his grave...LOL

Jeff said...

Why not a $15 McKobe? At least we know who the pitchman will be.

Heff said...

What a waste. There's no reason for a krap food chain to try to put out a quality product. I'll try it...ONCE.

Rhonda said...

We've had those here for a while, and people seem to like them. I'm more of a chicken snack wrap or double cheese burger gal myself. I have mastered the art of feeding my entire family of 5 for under $10 at McDonald's. Beat THAT, angus burger!!

Stevil VU said...

Clowns....who needs 'em?