Monday, July 06, 2009

Song of the Week

Since it's Independence Week (just made that up), I figured I'd do something a little different this week. As many of you know, I am NOT a fan of Nickleback ... in fact, I e-mailed them once and asked them to stop.

I figured I'd show you just how "non-talented" these mass-media-produced yogurt throwers are. Just a little background - somebody posted this on You-Tube. It's basically two Nickleback songs that are playing simultaneously. This is truly your typical formulaic rock group ... and the record-companies love this. Let's get a band to record crap, and then sell it quickly ... then, have them record more of the same crap ... kind of like Creed's formula back in the 1990's.

Money talks, I guess. Enjoy:


Heff said...

Not that I'm defending Nickleback by any means, but POP "musicans" are the WORST about using song formulas.

snowelf said...

LOL Heff.

Los, what do you think about the McNair thing? I thought maybe you might write about it today being sports and all. ;) Isn't it crazy?!


sirgeb said...

Canada has some fantastic bands.

I'll never understand why all the crappy ones from there end up getting played on US radio.

(Appologies to the good Canadian bands that do manage to get played on US radio).

Superstar said...

LOOOSSSSS you are boing such a pill! LOL

Makes you wonder HOW they memorize the lyrics...I mean, when it has the same chord pattern, it's really hard not to confuse them while performing....IMHO as a singer!