Friday, July 17, 2009

Song of the Week

I have some weird tastes in music, as you've probably noticed with my Song of the Week posts. It's pretty darned diverse - from heavy metal, to classic rock, to funk, to alternative, to indie ... I basically love all kinds of music (notable exception is country music). So, hopefully, you won't mind this song of the week from me.

Anita Ward sang a pretty catchy disco song in the 1970's called Ring My Bell (which of course means sex, sex, and more sex). The song has your "traditional" four on the floor disco beat, with a decent bass backbone, along with some sort of cool "bing" sound that is peppered throughout the song. Ward's voice is a little to high-pitched, but for this song, it works. I just can't get enough of this diddy for some reason.

The ironic part (I think irony is the correct term here) is that bands like the Killers, Franz Ferdinand, and the Bravery use quite a bit of disco sounds in their songs. I'm actually a little bit shocked that none of these bands have tried to cover this song (instead, we get an awful cover of Careless Whisper by some emo band that I can't stand ... they all sound the same).

Anyway, you can find out more about this song here.

And if you have a strong-enough stomach, here's the video:


El Padrino said...

will smith sampled this too

Superstar said...

Love this song! Great pick...@elPadrino...ever notice that the song "forget me nots" is the same as MIB????

Heff said...

Remember the song, SKIPPING the video, lol.

snowelf said...

The Killers are as addictive as McDonald's breakfast. My favorite is the bacon, egg, and cheese bagel.

I love Seether, but I agree with you about their version of Careless Whisper. It is not good.