Monday, July 13, 2009

Fast Food Corner

Whilst ordering lunch last week at Burger King, I notice the Tendergrill Chicken sandwich on the menu. It got me to thinking - the Tendergrill Chicken sandwich ... isn't this what Burger King was calling the Chicken Whopper a few years ago? And isn't the Chicken Whopper what BK was calling the BK Broiler for years before this?

Nothing against the sandwich itself - it's a pretty darn good grilled sandwich (gets overshadowed by the Original Chicken sandwich). But, my point is this - who is making the naming decisions here, and has this person been fired? What was wrong with the name "BK Broiler" anyway? Did that fat-headed king have a problem with it?

I mean, I can understand the Chicken Whopper name not working. Whopper should only be used for the burger, not the chicken. And, I hate the current name - Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich is far too long of a name for a fast-food sandwich, isn't it? I'm considering putting together a campaign to bring back the name BK Broiler ... just wondering if it's worth my time.


Superstar said...

I love the BK for it's onion rings. Too bad the onion rings disagree with me! *grrrr* Everytime I eat them, I spend time reviewing the circular pile of magazines.

LOL...I hear that the grilled chicken is better for you than any other item if you are on a diet.

El Padrino said...

i think burger king is awful, except for the original chicken sandwhich that doubles your salt intake for the week

-B- said...

My problem is I always look at the food that I eat. I take a bite of a fast food sandwich and I see the globules of fat in the "meat" or veins and tubes sticking out and it's just awful. Look at that origional chicken sandwich after you bit it - looks like chicken flavored fat and filler went through a blender and got pooped out in a patty shape and then coated and fried. Sounds delicious!