Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fast Food Corner

I've been to McDonalds for breakfast more than I care to admit. I enjoy many of their breakfast sandwiches ... especially the sausage mcMuffin with egg - probably my favorite sandwich on the menu (as most of you know, I can't stand ham or Canadian bacon, so the egg mcmuffin is out). Here's one question I have - why is there no bacon mcmuffin on the menu? Wouldn't this be logical? Isn't bacon the most popular of breakfast meats?

Sure, they have the bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, but in my mind, that's not enough. Besides, the biscuit falls apart too easily, and is nowhere near as scrumptious as the McMuffin. And, I'm by no means interested in the McGriddle ... can't get used to the idea of having what essentially is 2 pancakes as the "sandwich bread."


El Padrino said...

dude your missing out, the mcgriddle with just sausage is like eating a pancake breakfast on the go


El Padrino said...

also, how much do you weigh?

Superstar said...

I am a sucker for the sausage egg mcMuffin and a large coffee.

I just can't get over how many MORE calories the griddles are!

Heff said...

The McGriddle is pretty damn good. You're missing out.