Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Stoppage Time ...

* I learned this week that Jim Croce was a school teacher in Chester before he became a folk singer ... I'm usually the encyclopedia of music trivia ... it reminded me that I don't know everything ... but just about everything.

* I'm really concerned about the Billy Mays death ... who will they replace him with in those infomercials that I can't stop watching?

* A TV show called "The Superstars" is getting a lot of ink lately, mainly because of the team of Terrell "quarterback killer" Owens, and Joanna "Supermodel I've never heard of" Krupa, and their constant bickering. I've heard that many people actually feel sorry for T.O. after the verbal tongue-lashing that Krupa gave him. I'll never, ever feel sorry for T.O., and actually loved every second of this. Have a look!

* Sounds like NASCAR isn't growing very much anymore ... in fact, they're having some trouble right now, and are not able to fill up the stands anymore ... that's too bad ... I mean, really bad ... I mean, what a shame.

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-B- said...

I was laughing during that tongue-lashing and thought it was great! T.O. then having a tantrum and turning his back on the cameras - not wanting to talk. Good tv. Besides Joanna looking good in the Frederick's of Hollywood catalogs (so I've heard *cough*) - she just went up a notch in my book for letting TO have it! lol