Monday, March 15, 2010

80's Corner

The 80's gave us many great things ... Capri Sun, break dancing, Acid Washed Jeans, weird sunglasses, just to name a few. But who could forget what the fine people at Bartles and Jaymes gave us ... the wine cooler! I'm not exactly sure if Bartles and Jaymes actually came up with the idea of the wine cooler, but their commercials seemed to ignite our nation's desire to indulge in said wine coolers.

Beer was great to drink in large quantities, but many people (mostly females) didn't like the "bitter" hoppy taste of beer. Wine tasted better, but man, if you drank it like beer, you'd be feet-up in no time. Enter the wine cooler. A nice, sweet taste, and not too much alcohol. Women could drink many bottles of this to keep up with men, with the additional "benefit" of having to use the bathroom as much.

Of course, this product wa also marketed towards men as a more "refreshing" drink on a hot-summer day ... most men resisted the urge, however, preferring to consume Miller Genuine Drafts, whilst barbecuing chicken in their Jams.

And, as the two old dudes in the Bartles and Jaymes commercials loved to say, "Thank you for your support!"


Stargazing Ninja Chick said...

I took a wine cooler to school one year and hid it in the girls bathroom and my friends & I each had a couple sips and we acted drunk all day. Roger Adams ratted me out to my brother so I got in BIG trouble at home. Too funny. I never got caught for the taking in the bottle of cherries soaked in grain alcohol & passing them around the lunch table. HaHa, Roger!!!

Heff said...

I remember those commercials. You and I are almost on the same page, as you'll see Friday...

Realliveman said...

The 80's rocked!!! Bring back the hair bands!!

snowelf said...

Haha! You said "jams"!!! Ha ha hahaha!

Wine coolers were the first alcohol I ever had. :)