Monday, March 01, 2010

Song of the Week

The Scorpions are a legendary German rock band ... OK, they're really only legendary in Germany. They had moderate success in the U.S., mainly with the song "Rock You Like a Hurricane." I have the Scorpions Greates Hits cd, and surprisingly enough, it's actually a double cd - I had no idea the Scorpions even did that many songs!

In the early 1990's a movie by the name of Freejack was released ... it wasn't very good (although I thought the premise was great). The main reason I saw the movie was because Mick Jagger was in it. The main track featured in the movie is a song by the Scorpions called "Hit Between the Eyes."

It is a straight-up hard rocker which starts off with a loud and fantastic guitar riff, intertwined with a drum sound that is similar to a car engine trying to start. It then kicks into high speed, with some hard-hitting lyrics by Klaus Meine - "Late at night when you're all alone .... Take a ride to the Danger Zone ..."

The song never had big success in the States, and I'm not sure why. To me, this song is the best song they've ever done ... again, just me saying that.


Realliveman said...

I'm digg'en this song of the week!

Great way to spend lunchtime. Listening to your bolg!

Heff said...

Sheeit, man ! The Scorpions have LOTS of good songs !

Four Dinners said...

I remember The Scorpions.

Why I have no idea...;-)

Sandi said...

I always liked The Scorpions.

El Pad said...

is that Hannibal?