Friday, March 26, 2010

Music Updates Needed

A friend of mine and I were discussing music the other day (like we normally do), and we hit on an interesting topic. Some songs need to be updated to reflect the times. We came up with a couple:

Joan Jett - I Love Rock and Roll. It's a great anthem of a rock song. But one line in it really annoys me. She says "I love rock and roll. So put another dime in the juke box baby." Man, I wish I was able to frequent the bars back when it only costed a dime to play a song on the juke box. Now, you'll be lucky to get 2 songs for a dollar. Maybe Joan should go back and update that lyric to "put another dollar in the juke box, baby."

Blondie - Call Me. Nobody calls anybody anymore. We pretty much just IM and text at this point. Couldn't Blondie update this to "Text Me?"

The Turtles - So Happy Together. There's a line in it that says, "If you could call me up, invest a dime." I'm sorry, but I can't remember the last time I saw a payphone. And that last time, I think calls costed 35 cents, didn't they?

Prince - 1999. He says, "Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999." Should he update this to "Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 2-0-9-9?" Or, was 1999 really cool?

Can you think of any others?

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