Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wacky News Stories

Always good to say partisan politics at every turn ... thanks Republicans and Democrats!

1. On a teacher who was arrested for drunk teaching:
"Ma-am, do you realize how fast you were teaching?"

2. On two bank robbers calling the bank and asking for "money to go:"
"Do you want that supersized?"

3. On two elderly sisters battling in the courtroom over a $500,000 lottery ticket:
"Here's to hoping this court-case gets fast-tracked."

4. On two people pleading guilty to a $20,000 baby formula theft:
"I had no idea that some baby formula contained gold."

5. On a Connecticut girl winning the prize for the world's most disgusting sneakers:
"That girl is such a heel!"


Realliveman said...

Oh lord. Is this the world we actually live in? HAHA

Jeff said...

1. Don't teach and park. Accidents cause people.

2. Paper or plastic?

3. Judge ordered them to split the prosthetic hip.

4. Imagine what it would've been worth if there were any boobs.

5. Future WNBA star.