Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wacky News

Sad week ... Legendary movie icon Corey Haim dies, then Teleflora salesman extraordinaire Merlin Olsen passes ... who's next, Mr. Belvedere?

1. On the recent study that long-time smoking reduces your chances of getting Parkinson's Disease:
"It also reduces the risk of living long enough to get Parkinson's Disease."

2. On one of the founding members of "Ben and Jerry's" ice cream getting married in an ice-cream parlor:
"I'm glad some news reporter was able to get this 'scoop.'"

3. On a robber holding up 11 people, and making off with $6 in cash:
"Probably not a scenario that CSI or Unsolved Mysteries would want to tackle."

4. On a chef who concocted cheese made from his wife's breast milk:
"I think the only thing I can say about that chef is ... what a boob!"

5. On the death of Corey Haim:
"Looks like there may be a sequel in the works to 'The Lost Boys.'"


Heff said...

Corey Haim "Legendary" ? C'mon !

Peter Graves died, too.

Now THAT'S Legendary !

Ink and Stone said...

Gotta agree with Heff, don't think Haim was legendary, though Lost Boys was a good flick. Sucks that he died though.

Realliveman said...

I'm digg'en this feature! I read the breast milk one a few days ago. Um...I'm going to stay away from that restaurant