Friday, March 19, 2010

Toxic Neighbor

A local news website ran a story about a "toxic" neighbor recently. I was going to post it in the wacky news section of my blog, but I wanted to talk further about this, because, well .... we have a toxic neighbor in our neighborhood.

The story states that this 86-year-old lady has called the cops more than 35 times in the past 3 years ... one of the more head-scratching moments was when this nag knocked on her neighobor's door at 11:00 pm and told him he had to trim his bushes. The cops came out and deemed the bushes were fine, and gave the lady a warning that she needed to stop calling the cops and make friends with the neighbors or she'd be disciplined.

It's probably funny to most people, but not to me. We have a family of neighbors who are just this annoying. Thankfully, their spite isn't directed towards me. But, they do cause a lot of problems for a neighbor I am good friends with. They call the cops on him anytime he is doing home improvements. They call the cops on him when his dog barks, or when his TV is "too loud," or when the bumper of his car is "on their side of the property line" on the street. This victim is in his mid 60's ... he doesn't cause any problems to anybody, and if anything, will go out of his way to help you if you need it.

However. these evil creatures who have decided to make his life a living hell or the dregs of the neighborhood. They've decided oral hygiene is overrated, and that keeping ones house and property clean is not something they're interested in doing. But, they've also decided that they need to poke their heads in everyone's business ... sometimes tailing neighbors in their car for no apparent reason, or making snide comments and giving dirty looks to any guests who are visiting another neighbor. Satan thinks these people are bad.

And, the local township knows them all too well. Unfortunately, the township, for some reason, hasn't given them any warnings about their behavior. The cops show up, roll their eyes, and leave. It's so frustrating. My question is, why would anybody want to live like this? Do they get off on being ass-clowns? It's a helluva way to live.


Realliveman said...

I've hand few couple of neighbors like that.
Many people spend their entire lives looking to be offended. It's sad and it's lonely. They miss out on all the things life has to offer. Thankfully my neighbors are not like this anymore.

I feel for you Los.

Ink and Stone said...

Sounds like they're a bunch of jerks.

Get your good neighbors together and figure out a way to run them out of the neighborhood. Or the next time the cops are called, ask them to ticket these people for disturbing you and your neighbor's peace.

Jeff said...

Can't you pull dorm pranks on them, like lubing their doorknobs?