Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wacky News

Geez, only about a month until opening day of trout fishing ... how 'bout that!

1. On a single mom who kept a diary recording the 191 times she had sex with a 12-year-old being jailed yesterday for nine years:
"Hmmmph ... I wonder why she's single?"

2. On a father who was stopped from taking a photo of his son on a children's train ride after an over-zealous security guard accused him of being a paedophile:
"Thank goodness the guard didn't see the dad cging his son's diaper a few years earlier ..."

3. On Fort Worth cops arresting more gays and Mexican-Americans ato be intot bars because they think they're more likely to be intoxicated in bars than other people.
"Really? In Texas?"

4. On scientists doing studies on rats with the hope of understanding why popcorn smells so irresistably delectable in the movie theater, but less so at home:
"Fascinating! Maybe these scientists should do studies on why scientists do stupid studies."

5. On Tennessee cops issuing tickets to cars with the new, brighter headlights:
"Really, in Tennessee?"


Realliveman said...

Is this what the world has come too? Extreme wackiness? LOL

Four Dinners said...

I never realised being 12 could be so much fun!!!!