Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wacky News Stories

Happy Spring, Y'all! Hopefully, no more snow!

1. On a TV presenter getting a death sentence for sorcery:
"They finally got his Lucky Charms!"

2. On Pittsburgh University Police investigating painted chickens.
"Is this worse than choking the chicken?"

3. On a man finding a cold intruder in bed with him:
"Seriously, the least an intruder could do is warm up before jumping in a stranger's bed, right?"

4. On the Tennessee senate saying that birds and fish are OK in a barbershop:
"Could you take a little off of my gills, please?"

5. On the world's shortest man dying in Italy:
"Apparently, somebody accidentally knocked over some table salt ..."


Jeff said...

1. Saudis didn't like the weather forecast.

2. They don't call it the Tower of Ignorance for nothing.

3. "Cold Intruder" sounds like a porn title.

4. "Squawk! Shave my balls! Squawk!

5. Kim Jong-Il left North Korea?

Realliveman said...

Trip'en!! T R I P P " E N!!!