Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fast Food Corner

With the amount of Hardees ads and commercials I see (in addition to the amount of times I've eaten at Hardees when I went to Penn State), I'm surprised the fast food restaurant has never been able to make it in the Philadelphia area. We've seen a couple of Hardees in the area over the years. They've lasted a little while, but for some reason, they close down.

I'm surprised, because Hardees is kind of a jack-of-all trades. You want a burger? Yep, you can get a variety of them. How about a box of chicken? You betcha! Did you say you wanted a roast beef sandwich? Check!

I guess being a jack of all trades isn't necessarily a good thing, if you are a master of none, right? The chicken is ok, but I'd rather eat at the colonels. The Roast Beef sandwiches are good, but without horsey sauce, what's the point? The fries are ok, but nothing to write home about. Maybe they should focus on one thing ... at least in the Philadelphia area.


Heff said...

I had NOTHING for them AT ALL until they started char-broiling their burgers.

Stargazing Ninja Chick said...

Popeye's spicy chicken is BY FAR the best fried chicken out there. I go once a year ON my birthday. It's awful for you. Thank God my birthday is coming up 'cause now your ass has me salivating for it again! ;)

Reverse said...

They make a mean bacon cheese burger if I recall.