Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Dope or Nope

Rock stars Sting and Bono are two musicians who have gone beyond creating music and have taken up fights in the political arena. Both Bono and Sting have focused on countries in need of food, money, and direction. Even Springsteen has done some of this.

What are your thoughts on this? Is this a noble cause that these rockers are doing? Or should they stick to just music?

I'm torn on this. I enjoy when musicians get together, and raise money for a cause. We saw a lot of musicians band together after 9/11 ... we saw it again just recently with the awful situation in Haiti. I think this is great and musicians should feel obligated to give back.

But, what about trying to influence politics in general? Is this ok? I don't know - sometimes, I feel some of these musicians go too far, and many times are not educated fully enough on political topics to speak on them. Sting seems to this a lot ... and it makes me long for the days when he just did good music with the Police. Oh, and I'd be pissed if Bono spent too much time on stage talking down to us about politics (I mean, I didn't come to see him give political speeches).


Four Dinners said...

You're well into this Scorpions thing then?

Sting once appeared on TV, bizarrely, with some South American Indian with what appeared to be a plate in his mouth.

Bono and Sting?

It's another world mate.

Los said...

I put the wrong thing up - it was supposed to be a pic of Sting ... I swear!

Sandi said...

I don't think Rock stars or actors should be endorsing political candidates.

Doing charitable works, saving the Rain Forest, helping stop the spread of AIDS in Africa, I think is all good.

What I like about Bono is that he accomplished what politicians can't. He made aid to Africa a bi-partisan issue and had cooperation from both sides.

El Pad said...

just leveraging their success, whatever

hollywood does it

Jeff said...

Double Nope. Triple Nope.

When was the last time a celebrity solved an actual problem? Farm Aid couldn't even get a couple dozen Mellencamps off federal subsidies.

Obviously, we must legally compel people to pay more for celebrity causes. Esp. if they fatten the bank accounts of corrupt third-world dictators.

And, of course, give celebrities headlines.