Sunday, March 07, 2010

Fast Food Corner

Recently, Domino's pizza has been trying to do an image "restructuring" of sorts. Apparently, years of average pizza was no longer acceptable. Many of you have probably seen the Domino's commercials where the Domino's chefs (really, they have their own chefs?!?!?!?) talk about addressing the complaints about rubbery pizza and bland sauce, and creating a new pizza experience.

Well folks, curiosity got the best of me ... in the name of research, of course. As some of you may know, my family partakes in Fast Food Friday (or FFF). This consists of my wife, brother, his wife, and I bringing along my "dry cleaning" to my parents' house, and picking up fast food to eat for dinner. Oh, and this is also where my mom sneaks me $20 ... I'm not sure for what ... but I digress ...

Anyway, this past Friday, we chose to sample Dominos pizza ... and, it was definitely better than previous Dominos pizza iterations. The biggest thing I noticed was that the crust was tastier, with a definite garlicky overtone (or undertone ... whatever). There was definitely more cheese, and the sauce was tangy and not bland. A definite improvement, and worthy of getting for $5.99 (medium).

If I have any advice for Dominos, it's to work on the bread-sticks. They tasted ok, and the dipping sauces are great ... BUT they are nowhere near the ballpark of Pizza Hut bread-sticks (best fast-food bread-sticks on the market).


Heff said...

Damn. You beat me to this post, as I was gonna do the same thing.

Pizza Hut IS hard to beat, I must admit.

Sandi said...

First, can your mom adopt me?

Second, I think calling Dominoes average is a huge overstatement.

-B- said...

The new recipe is definately improved, the kids love it.
Pizza Gut is still the king - I'm enjoying two slices of Supreme right now! Mmmmm *burp*!