Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dope or Nope

A lot of the newer pop music songs (and bands) are utilzing some sort of "technology" to make their voices have an electronic/synth voice boxsound. It's gotten so "popular" that it has even been "mocked" in a Budweiser commercial.

The commercial is quite funny, but man do I hate this synth voice sound. And the thing is, more and more of these teeny-bopper pop singers are doing it. It's driving me crazy. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!!!! I'm starting to sound the way my parents sounded when I played my rock-music back in the 80's.

Is this cool, or am I just losing touch? Dope or nope?


Heff said...

NOPE ! Can't stand it either. It's like an electric guitar's wah-wah pedal, except for the human voice.

It's a fad that SHOULD quickly die out. I hope.

sirgeb said...
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sirgeb said...

When used correctly (to achieve a certain effect), I'm OK with it, but when it's used to cover up a lack of talent, then I'm not OK with it.

Jeff said...

Do you really want us to say whether or not you're cool?

OK for anyone who needs a voicebox, like Ned from South Park. Otherwise, gag.

I'm dumber then a 3st grader said...


-B- said...

NOPE!!! It hurts my ears, but what's worse is that these goofs using this are making ten times more money than other artists with actual talent. If you need auto-tune in order to sound good, then you shouldn't be in the business of making music. Then again it's not really about sounding good anymore, is it?