Sunday, March 14, 2010

Song of the Week

Over the past 2-3 years, I've slowly developed a liking for the band Vampire Weekend. At first, I couldn't really figure them out ... They're certainly part of the Alt Rock/Indie movement, but they don't tend to fit into a specific "style" of music. I guess this bothered me first, because I'm used to "segmenting" my bands. At times, Vampire Weekend employs a "poppy" sound to their songs, and at other times they seem to delve into "punk." But with one song, they throw all that out the window and channel early '60's and sprinkle it with just a dab of reggae.

The song, Oxford Comma, probably won't initially stand out as a song you'd want to listen to more than once. It starts of slow, with a slow and steady drum beat accentuated by a simple keyboard. The song itself is really about about some outdated grammatical piece, but looks to go more deeply into the people who defend the use of it, and how ridiculous this is. An argument with a former lady friend might also be a part of this diddy.

The song really picks up with the chorus, making you want to sing along with Ezra Koenig as he belts out,
"Why would you lie about how much coal you have?
Why would you lie about something dumb like that?
Why would you lie about anything at all?
First the window, then it's to the wall.
Lil' Jon, he always tells the truth."

Oh, and with the "art" of the music video seemingly dying, it's great when a band puts some work into creating a good one ... and folks, this one is much better than good.


Four Dinners said...

any band that 'delves' into punk is fine by me...naturally! Off to give em a listen now.

cheers old bean!

Heff said...

Never heard of 'em, and didn't care for it, but to leave something positive, I DID like the drum beat.

Realliveman said...

OK, I'm diggen it. I can get into it.

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