Monday, March 22, 2010

Dope or Nope

The NCAA basketball tournament is all the sports talk this time of year. It seems as work stops the first few days of the tournament. People either take off and go to a bar to watch the early games, or they sit at the computer and clog up the band-width watching the games. People who normally have no interest in college basketball all of the sudden become experts this time of year - filling out numerous brackets, and discussing their "strategy" for picking specific upsets.

Unfortunately for the fans who watch college basketball all year round, they tend not to win pools. No, usually some woman who picks by team colors or mascots will somehow miraculously win. It seems to happen all the time.

So, with that said. What are your thoughts about the college basketball tournament? Are you a fan, or do you try to ignore it? Personally, I dig it. I'm not a true college basketball fan - I don't go out of my way to watch games during the season. But, I do tend to follow more games as the tournament approaches. And yes, I fill out numerous pools. Heck, I've even won a tournament or two in my time.


Anonymous said...

basketball? what? :-)

Heff said...

I'd have to go with "Nope", simply because I watch NO form of basketball whatsoever. Sorry.

I'm dumber then a 3st grader said...


Reverse said...

Dope if I win. But I won't.