Monday, September 13, 2010

80's Corner

In the early 1980's, Saturday Night Live was in a slump - they had lost their "Not Ready For Prime Time" originals, like Aykroyd, Murray, Belushi, etc., and were struggling to find the "next generation." Enter Eddie Murphy. The man almost single-handedly saved the show with great characters like "Mr. Robinson," "Stevie Wonder," "James Brown," "Buckwheat," and of course "Gumbie."

He wasn't on SNL nearly long enough, as his star rose rapidly to uncharted territory (and, of course, it came back to Earth just as quickly). Below are a few of my favorite Eddie Murphy SNL skits:


El Padrino said...

he was incredible

Heff said...

Search out the Murphy clip "Mr. White".

It's as funny as green shit !