Sunday, September 19, 2010

Song of the Week ...

Keith Richards is considered the "bad-ass" of the Rolling Stones. He's been around far longer than he probably should have, has experimented with every drug known to man (heck, he apparently even smoked his dad's ashes), and he's also created some absolutely awesome music over the years.

Only the true Stones fans know that Keith Richards has done some solo work over the years, and that's a shame, because his solo music is really, really good. One particular song I've been listening a lot to recently is "Wicked as it Seems." Filled with evil-sounding guitar rifts, accompanied by what sounds like rattlesnakes, and at times feels like it could've been played by Alice in Chains (although there is a strong reggae influence in the chorus).

The lyrics themselves are a tad confusing, as is normal with a Richards song, but it seems to be about a relationship gone sour. The lyrics towards the end seem to be a little haunting:

So I soften the blow, so the bruises don`t show
I`ve got the expertise
No broken necks
No broken hearts
Well, we used your deck
All I did was play the cards - now the check.

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Heff said...

I still think he snorted his father.