Sunday, September 05, 2010

Song of the Week ...

According to Wikipedia, the Paddingtons are an English indie rock band from Hull, known for their energetic concerts and loyal fanbase. From what I gather, they've been around since 2005, but unfortunately (for me), I just recently discovered them. Their song, Panic Attack, which comes from their first studio album - First Comes First, and it's a great rocker with a dose of punk.

Their Clash influence comes through in this song (as well as during their live show - as they tend to play a few Clash songs during their shows). The song itself is fast, simple, and fun. The lyrics are a bit hard to understand, but that's ok, because you'll be bopping your head too much to need to sing the lyrics.


snowelf said...

I wasn't sure at first, but after I listened to it all the way through I loved it! :)


Jingle said...