Monday, September 27, 2010

80's Corner

Don't Tip the Waiter is a forgotten-about board game ... not sure if it came out in the 1980's, but I do remember the commercial well. I never had the board game, but from what I remember, there was a waiter that stood on the board. You had to put chips of some sort on the tray the waiter was holding. But at some point, the tray would fall, and whomever added the chip that tipped the waiter lost.

Again, I'm not sure how cool the game was - I just remember the annoying commercial (which is now in my head).

Here's a video, but the sound is hard to hear:


scargosun said...

I remember that. I think it was 70's/80's genre. I remember watching it during reruns of the Brady Bunch.

Heff said...

Apparently your memory is better than mine. It's coming back to me now, but I had forgotten ALL about it.

paige said...

I don't remember this. At all. Does that make me young?

-B- said...

I don't really remember the game or the commercial, but that Colorforms animated logo at the end I remember seeing a lot back in the day!