Sunday, September 26, 2010

Song of the Week ...

I remember a time when the Black Crowes were "da bomb." They had released Shake Your Money Maker and the album was a hit. They were touted as the saviors of rock and roll, as they boasted a blues-based rock sound that hadn't really been felt in main stream rock since the Stones and Zeppelin were in their hey-days.

Their second album. Southern Harmony & Musical Companion, was pretty good, but nowhere near as good as their first (I don't think anybody expected them to have a follow-up bigger than their first). Still, the album was respectable - featuring a song called "Remedy." A rockin' song, featuring strong guitar riffs, blues-backing piano, and a strong-drum sound.

Not sure what is exactly being depicted in the song, but it sounds like it's about a guy who is love-crazed and needs a "love-remedy." of sorts. The chorus also features a gospelly-bluesy female backing that takes the song over the top.

Just a great rockin' song (sadly, the band lost focus and their remaining albums never hit the mark).


Sandi said...

Much like The Kinks' Davies' brothers, teh Robinson brothers just couldn't get along.

Steph said...

I love the Black Crowes. My cousin and I drove 12 hours to Texas a couple years ago for an all day and night concert. They were the headlining band. They started out with Twice as Hard and every time I hear the first 6 notes of that song now, it still gives me chills.