Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wacky News Stories

Yup ... finally recovered from Oktoberfest...

1. On The International House of Pancakes filing a lawsuit against a Kansas City, Mo.-based religious group that calls itself the International House of Prayer over the acronym "IHOP:"
"IHOP better hope that God likes pancakes!"

2. On police arresting a man who tried to rob a bank but instead thanked the teller and left when she claimed not to have any money:
"This guy's still probably waiting for the stork to bring him a baby."

3. On students at Robert E. Lee High School saying the mascot they want to have help lead cheers would not display any Confederate symbols:
"That's like saying the Adolf Hitler High School is eliminating swastikas ..."

4. On the founder of a program to keep people safe on Minnesota roads being killed in a head-on crash Wednesday afternoon in Wyoming, Minn ... the man wasn't wearing a seatbelt:
"From the 'do as I say, not as I do' department."

5. On Mini-moo - the 33-inch English cow, which is apparently the world's smallest cow:
"I found this story and picture to be "udderly a-moosing."


Heff said...

"Mini-Moo" ???

All of a sudden, I'm in the "moo"d for sliders.....

Jeff said...

1. Intl House of Pissed

2. He's probably patiently awaiting his California tax refund.

3. They're going to make some black guy the mascot? Isn't that demeaning?

4. Congressional career cut short before it began.

5. Gary Coleman's personal dairy?

paige said...

Mini-moo. Nothing else needs to be said.