Saturday, September 04, 2010

Fast Food Corner

Taco Bell is advertising a new Cantina taco ... actually, there are a couple of choices - chicken, steak, and pork. To perhaps job your memory, the commercial talks about "the lime." So, for research purposes of course, I had to try the taco.

I was hoping to be wowed ... or at least "whoa-ed." I got neither. This taco is awful. Don't bother spending your money. The "soft-taco" falls apart way too easily (which is probably why they use two), and is very dry. Plus, they put the bare minimum of meat and onions in it ... the flimsy tacos are probably the reason for this (if they put any more in, the shells would fall apart more). So, really, all you taste is the dry taco shell.

And, you can't wrap it up tightly, because again, it falls apart too easily. So, what little meat there is, falls out from the taco as you are eating it. A very frustrating "sandwich," and definitely not one that qualifies for "hand food."


snowelf said...

I totally trust you and will never eat one of these.
However, I did have an angus burger the other day and I have to say, not bad for a fast food burger. I had the mushroom and swiss and the gravy was a little bit too salty, but I'd get one again.


Steph said...

I agree... those suck!

Jingle said...

love taco bells.

Jingle said...

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14 Straight, Part 2 said...

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