Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oktoberfest, Baby!!!

It's Oktoberfest time again! The Delaware Saengerbund (in Newark, DE) is having another 3-day bash, complete with food, lots and lots of bier, carnival rides, and German music (probably the reason why they need a lot of beer). Folks, it is an absolute blast! If you live nearby, I highly recommend you attend. I'm including some pics and a link that should give you all the info you need.

First, here's the link that'll provide you all the info you need:

Here are some great pics:


Heff said...


sirgeb said...

they get pretty serious about the cup stacking there:

Steph said...

There is a German beer drinking festival this weekend in our town too. At ours they serve beer in I'm guessing around a 36-48 oz. tin bucket. Good times.

I'll be his catcher said...

get your schniztel on kid