Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fast Food Corner

There was a time when McDonalds had a two cheeseburger value meal - it consisted of two cheeseburgers, fries and soda for I think around $3.99 initially. Now, that value meal can no longer be found at McDonalds ... at least not around the Philly area (there is an exception - a McDonalds in the WalMart in Exton still has it - I think it's like $4.99).

I liked this meal mainly because it was great "hand-food" whilst driving. The burgers easily fit into one hand and were not messy ... as most of you know, this is a major ingredient in hand-food (ease of handling whilst driving). And it was always a treat to reach into the bag for the fries.

So, why did McDonalds get rid of these? I'm sure they were a great seller. Did McDonalds not make enough cash on them? Was there no room on the menu (which is now up to 13 items, by the way)? What gives? Is there some sort of campaign in place to get this value menu item on the menu again?


Heff said...

It's been a long time since i've driven whilst eating, but you're right - they were good "hand food" !

paige said...

I'm guessing they lost money. There's no other reason they'd stop. Maybe the deal was TOO good.

sirgeb said...

Ahh yes... the double banger was indeed a favorite of mine as well. I think you can still ask for it and they'll give it to you, even though it isn't on the menu.

-B- said...

Yeah, that might be one that you'd ask for and there's a set price for it, but it's not on the menu. I used to get that meal as well.