Saturday, December 11, 2010

80's Corner

Tron has experienced a rebirth of sorts - a potential blockbuster movie is about to hit theatres. It boasts some really cool technological stuff in the movie, like somehow cgi'ing a younger Jeff Bridges' face in certain scenes of the movie. Many young people may not know this, but there was a Tron "sensation" in the 1980's - a movie that boasted some really cool technological stuff (for it's era), and a release of a really cool arcade game. The movie itself wasn't very good, and does not hold up well if being viewed today. Not sure how this latest TRON effort will do.

I remember very well the arcade game at my local mall - right out in front of the K-Mart. I remember being awful at the game, but also being mesmerized at "professionals" playing the game. I confess I never saw the original movie, and I probably won't see the new one either ... but I do remember the hooplah surrounding it.

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-B- said...

Loved the original and the arcade game - and am looking forward to the new movie. You're right it probably doesn't hold up now - but I remember being mesmerized by the 3d graphics. Tron is what got me into that stuff and I ended up with a career in 3D.