Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Wacky News Stories

The countdown is on ... Is your Christmas ... er, holiday shopping finished?

1. On a woman kneeing her pregnant sister in the stomach during a fight over a shirt:
"I hope, at the very least, the shirt in question was a 'Who Farted?' shirt ...",0,7716071.story

2. On Polish taxpayers' money being spent on invisible art (a blank canvas):
"This is probably the opening of many polish jokes ..."

3. On a televangelist who admitted to cheating on his wife:
"Really? A televangelist doing seedy things? Really?

4. On live mice being found in the noodles of a Chinese restaurant:
"Good thing they didn't check the 'General Tso's Kitten.'"

5. On the rise in popularity of Amish Romance Novels:
"What's the next fad, vampire love story novels ... what? That already happened?"


Heff said...

Haven't even BEGUN to shop !

krista zee said...

Yikes! Noodle Mice!

Jeff said...

1. It was an "I'm With Stupid" shirt.

2. Not limited to Poland: I saw canvas painted white, hung on a white wall -- at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

3. God told me to sleep with her.

4. Dish was called: Chairman Mouse.

5. Did they show Forbidden Ankle?