Monday, December 13, 2010

Song of the Week ...

The Kinks are a legendary British rock band ... not quite as legendary as the Stones, Beatles and Who, but certainly up there. The one thing they have on the previous three bands mentioned is a fantastic rock Christmas song - Father Christmas. In my eyes, it is in the top 5 rock Christmas songs of all-time.

Unlike other Christmas songs, this one is fast, rocking, and fun ... with a punk edge to it. Even though the song really shines the spotlight on overindulgence during Christmas, the song points out to "Remember the kids who got nothing, while you're drinking down your wine." An odd way to deliver an important message.

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sirgeb said...

You know: of all the Christmas songs I've heard on the radio so far this year, "Father Christmas" hasn't been one of them... Have you heard it on the radio?