Saturday, December 04, 2010

Fast Food Corner

Well, I tried the new Wendy's fries ... and ... well ... at first, I didn't notice a difference. They pretty much looked the same as the previous version at first glance. However, after a few bites, I noticed they were indeed "thinner" than version 1 ... usually a good thing, as you get more of a "fried" taste, and less of a potato taste.

Second, the sea-salt definitely adds more of a salty flavor to the fries ... not overwhelmingly salty, but more salty than before (also a good thing). Third, I noticed that none of the fries were soggy - all were adequately crispy (usually, if you ordered Wendy's fries, at least some felt soggy and/or undercooked).

So ... my overall grade is ... really, really good ... a definite improvement. Certainly much better than Burger King's "fry improvement" a while back (Burger King's fries are horrid ... worse than before). No, they aren't better than McDonald's fries (no fry has ever been created that is better than McDonald's), but they closed the gap, without a doubt.


Ms. Ryterski said...

I'm with you, I love McDonalds fries.

Mama Kat said...

I hate it when McDonald's fries have a bad day. Nothing prepares me for that bad "bottom of the barrel" batch.

I'll have to have a go with the new Wendy's's not like they could get a whole lot worse. ;)

-B- said...

Tried them - I didn't have sea salt on mine, that would have made them taste better. I do like when fries have a little skin on them.
Overall, I think they were going for the boardwalk fries taste, almost like Five Guys fries. Not bad - worth another go.