Thursday, December 02, 2010

Wacky News Stories

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving ... now, onto Christmas!

1. On a Japanese Company that plays Mozart to the fruit it grows:
"In an unrelated note, rumor has it that Tommy Chong plays Tupac to his Marijuana plants ..."

2. On a research study from the University of Toronto which concluded that you're more likely to lie, cheat and behave badly if it is doesn't involve a lot of work:
"Well, I'm glad these ridiculous research studies are not exclusive to the United States!"

3. On a local man who is facing charges of violating a restraining order after flipping the bird to his wife:
"I'm guessing the bird he flipped wasn't Tweety ..."

4. On the new fashion craze - Lego hats:
"No word on the popularity of Lego undies ..."

5. On the U.S. Government looking to outlaw fake pot:
"Next up - taxing virtual worlds ..."

1 comment:

Jeff said...

1. And Willie Nelson plays, well, Willie Nelson to his pot plants.

2. Survey of 100 government employees ...

3. Ah, yes, the anti-gesture restraining order.

4. Devo is back?

5. Congress would outlaw Gravity if it could.