Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Song of the Week

Since I mentioned Scandal earlier, I should probably do a Scandal song as the song of the week. The band itself was fronted by Patty Smyth, who also had some success in her solo career. Really, there were only two really good songs they did. I mentioned "The Warrior" in a blog post a few days ago.

The other song is called "Goodbye to You," and is a classic 80's sounding song, that is basically about a breakup. Patty's voice is very powerful in the song and it surprises me that the band didn't have more success in the 1980's. You have a common beat to the 80's song, along with some good guitar riffs, along with what seems to be a mandatory-for-the-80's keyboard throughout. The song itself is everything that defined pop music in the early-to-mid 1980's (before the likes of Janet Jackson sadly altered 80's pop).

The video is also VERY 80's and is hard to watch (look at that hair!). And that Molly Ringwald/Go-Go's dance ... yikes! I think I can even do that one!

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Eli is NOT elite said...

man the 80's were awesome