Friday, January 14, 2011

Tosh .0

I recently discovered the show "Tosh.0" on Comedy Central ... I know, I'm late coming on board with this one ... the show is absolutely hysterical! It's kind of like a mix between The Soup, Web Soup, and sketch comedy ... Daniel Tosh is brilliant!

Tosh has basically taken ridiculous internet videos, promoted them, and has the "victims" try and redeem themselves. He also has homework assignments for his rabid viewers in which he asks them to video themselves catching pop corn in their mouths, doing trust falls in interesting locations, and weird interpretive dances ... and the show works beautifully.

The wife and I have been addicted to it for the past week or so, laughing out loud throughout.

I highly recommend you take a gander at this show (Comedy Central, Tuesday nights, 10:00 PM).

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sirgeb said...

didn't realize this started back up again~ to the DVR!