Saturday, January 01, 2011

Fast Food Corner

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I wanted to go to the Gino's restaurant that just opened in King of Prussia. Gino's has a big history here on the east coast - it was started by a couple of Baltimore Colts players in the 1950's, and eventually got licensing rights to sell KFC Chicken a their stores (amazing, actually). It was a fairly competitive fast food restaurant until Marriott took it over in the mid 1980's and changed them into Roy Rogers restaurants (sigh).

The new iteration of Gino's is "fast food," but not like McDonalds and Burger King ... more like Five Guys or Panera ... fancy fast food. The burgers, while tasty, are not quite as filling as Five Guys burgers ... the fries are pretty tasty ... but again, they don't give you as many as Five Guys. When you eat in, you order the food, they give you a number, and you put it on the table you are sitting at (similar to Pei Wei). They then deliver the food to your table (a nice touch).

They have quite a few kinds of burgers, and I'll most certainly be back to try more. I also want to try their chicken sandwiches in the near future. Not sure if they still serve the Gino's Giant (which apparently the Big Mac was based on).

A solid restaurant indeed.

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snowelf said...

I have never heard of Gino's, but we have Five Guys here and they do give you like a Bucket O'Fries! Seriously!!

Happy new year!