Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Song of the Week

Hollerado is an indie rock band from Canada - forming in 2007. Their sound (at least the beat) seems to be a mix between the Cure and Franz Ferdinand ... only a little heavier. They've toured with some notable bands, like the Stills for instance.

Their song, Americanorma sounds like it lifted the beat from "Hellcats," but in a good way ... almost in a "vaudevillian" way, but heavier. A fun, sounding song, with good guitar riffs, nice harmonizing with vocals, and the mentioning of Philadelphia over and over again (can't complain about that, right?).

The video is kind of cool - it works well with the song. Creative, even with a Space Invaders scene ...

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-B- said...

nice song - very creative video!