Monday, June 21, 2010

80's Corner

The 1980's was the decade of the "Buddy flick." We saw some great movies like Lethal Weapon (Danny Glover and Mel Gibson), numerous Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder movies ... but who could forget (or remember) the "classic" Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell flick called "Tango and Cash?"

OK, truthfully, it ended up being more comedic than anything. There were such "memorable" lines like the following:

Ray Tango: When this is over, we have to pay Jabba the Hutt here a visit.
Gabriel Cash: I'll bring the chainsaw.
Ray Tango: I'll bring the beer.

This happens throughout the movie, folks. There's even a line in the movie when Stallone says, "Rambo's a pu**y." Crazy stuff indeed!


Heff said...

I remember that movie was pretty much a stinker....

Realliveman said...

I needed a beer just to get through the opening credits! The hard stuff was opened after the first scene.

El Padrino said...

ah 80's movies


paige said...

Gotta love the 80's.

Jeff said...

Also: Strange Brew.